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Technical administration by Dussmann

Technical building management

We offer you comprehensive care of the technical background of the building, we provide professional maintenance and operation of the building, all revision, inspection and service activities. With a professional approach and modern technical background of the manager we increase the lifetime or value of your property.

Added value through our services

  • Longer lifetime of managed premises and equipment, their excellent condition
  • Troubleshooting, coordination and management of the operational and technical management of the facility in a very flexible manner
  • Cooperation in troubleshooting
  • Management of documentation related to the operation of the facility
  • Developing recommendations to make the operation of all technologies more efficient
  • Informing the client's representative of the requirements of the individual branches
  • Managing audits and archiving audit reports
  • Documentation of the work carried out and preparation of a plan for necessary repairs and investments

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Comprehensive technical administration means

Why technical administration?

  • Routine maintenance and operation of the building and related revision activities
  • Technical administration related to the management of the facility

Who is technical administration for?

  • To all who own or operate real estate
  • All who care about the property's quality, durability, and the environment in which they work or liveAll who have a duty to maintain the property and environment in a safe and healthy condition
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