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Plant and site security by Dussmann

Plant and site security as it should be – fast, targeted, data-driven

We want your buildings to be protected optimally. That’s why we rely on data collection, which has many advantages.

For example, it documents our performance of services and collects security data such as the frequency of incoming alarms. The system is also used to secure individual workstations.

Last but not least, it serves for purposes of communication and security: If anyone who is on patrol does not respond to our check-in, we can take action swiftly, right where it is needed.

Added value through our services

  • Our maximum protection for your buildings
  • Electronic data collection system
  • Well-trained, experienced team
  • Security personnel work with advanced technology

Our services in detail

  • Surveillance of entire facades or partial areas
  • Reporting of hazards and break-ins or alerts for early fire detection
  • Security teams respond right away in case of an alarm
  • Systems used in tandem with installed surveillance cameras and intelligent software that trains itself on an ongoing basis
  • Video recordings analyzed using artificial intelligence
  • Analysis of factors such as time spent in an area
  • Counting of vehicles or unusual behavior by persons
  • Predictive identification of future hazards through continuous software training

  • Access controls performed based on client’s access rules
  • Ensuring a neat, tidy, and clean-looking reception and entry area – ordering the services of cleaning staff as needed
  • Serving visitors from the time when they enter the building until they are picked up by employees of the client, reserving taxis for visitors and employees, including accommodating special requests (taxi with extra space, credit card payment, vehicle class)
  • Operating the phone system (providing information by phone in connection with reception activities and transferring calls to the main line as appropriate internally for further processing)
  • Storing luggage for guests where necessary, issuing cards or keys for lockers
  • Accepting returns of rental vehicles by employees of the client, documenting receipt, notifying the car rental agency by e-mail
  • In emergency situations, providing first aid and engaging in firefighting efforts, assisting with evacuations, taking action according to the emergency plan in close coordination with the client

  • Monitoring and surveilling the entire grounds, particularly identifying and reporting hazards and performing checks with an eye to fire safety, the security of property, environmental protection, and occupational safety and health
  • Checking, controlling, and monitoring pedestrian and vehicle traffic on the grounds outside regular working hours
  • Checking into how long people have been on the premises and ensuring that no unauthorized persons are present – escorting unauthorized persons from the premises as appropriate, including with police assistance
  • Ensuring that parking rules are observed
  • Observing the surrounding area and checking the areas around the premises for suspicious activity
  • Monitoring the opening of doors and gates, checking for unauthorized access, prying open of doors, windows, and other openings
  • Coordinating vehicular access for delivery companies
  • Vehicle checks

  • Checks of the property, inside and out
  • Opening and closing all building entrance doors (where necessary)
  • Arming or disarming the burglar alarm system as part of the locking round; where applicable, remedying fault alarms, such as reporting of open windows and doors through monitoring of conditions
  • Checking the functionality of exterior lighting
  • Ensuring traffic safety and, where applicable, taking initial steps such as blocking off certain areas or applying grit up to the property line

  • Regularly patrolling specified exterior and interior areas at changing times
  • Checking to ensure that properties are locked
  • Closing and opening services according to business hours and times when people are absent
  • Checking whether persons are authorized to be present
  • Visually inspecting interior spaces and facilities to ensure they are in proper condition (emergency exits, windows, and doors)
  • Fire prevention and fire safety
  • Using advanced security technology
  • Uniform reporting and documentation of each assignment

  • Centrally controlled intervention management via the Dussmann alarm receiving center
  • Nationwide network of intervention partners
  • Transparent reporting for our customers
  • Locking equipment management and depots according to VdS standards

  • Monitoring and surveillance of traffic systems and equipment
  • Security staff are assigned to manage and monitor traffic in order to ensure that traffic flows smoothly and prevent accidents and disruptions in operations
  • Ensuring traffic safety
  • The following enter into consideration as measures to ensure traffic safety: monitoring traffic areas, setting up traffic signs, checking vehicles, labeling hazardous goods shipments, guiding vehicles into road traffic
  • Behavior at the scene of an accident
  • Documenting the accident and working with the authorities

  • Research and updates for hotline numbers, contact persons, and internal phone directories
  • Providing information and giving out e-mail addresses as permitted by data security and privacy laws
  • Taking and connecting internal and external calls
  • Passing messages along to persons authorized to receive them or the appropriate substitutes
  • Connecting callers to service numbers, providing the customer care phone number
  • Accepting and forwarding complaints
  • Taking complaints, criticism, and other feedback and entering this information in the customer entrance door system
  • Forwarding calls and correspondence

  • Accepting letters and parcel post
  • Documenting receipt of mail and parcel post
  • Distributing incoming mail in-house or within a central mailbox system if present
  • Mail service and mail distribution in-house (letters, parcels)

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DIN standardsCertified security

In terms of occupational safety and health, we fulfill the requirements of ISO 45001. 

DIN EN 50518Alarm receiving center

We have an advanced alarm receiving center.

DIN EN ISO 9001Extensive burglary protection

We can do more than just equip your company with holistic protection against burglary. We can also ensure the security of your private real estate. How does it work? Just connect your home or apartment alarm system to the Dussmann alarm receiving center. Learn more!

Security service by Dussmann  

Security is more than just plant and site security 

With Dussmann, you can always rest easy knowing you are safe and secure. That goes for more than just plant and site security. We offer a wealth of different security services, which we work with our customers to craft into customized personal solutions – from trained employees to management of electronic key systems.