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Firefighting and fire safety by Dussmann

We minimize your risk of fire and enhance your safety

Properties such as production facilities, office buildings, or industrial plant grounds make up a large part of a company’s value. Our firefighting and fire safety services are aimed at preserving that value, and even more importantly, protecting human life.

In addition to your legal obligations as a business entity to take measures to prevent fire, our firefighting and fire safety services can provide targeted, responsible, and individual support.


Added value through our services

  • Professional maintenance
  • Expert advice
  • Full commissioning of your plant fire brigade

Our services in detail

  • Fire prevention inspections (on-site inspections of production areas at particular risk, operational and tactical study)
  • Fire safety monitoring in case of hazardous work (such as welding)
  • Ongoing monitoring of pressure and capacity in the supply of water used for extinguishing fires (aboveground and underfloor hydrants)
  • Monitoring and ongoing checks of portable hand fire extinguishers and large equipment
  • Monitoring the connected safety and security systems (such as fire alarm systems)
  • Maintaining and caring for technical equipment
  • Preparing activity documentation in case of an incident
  • Salvage- and property-related drills
  • Training and instructing staff

  • Firefighting activities in case of fire to preserve human and animal life and property
  • Use of the technical equipment maintained for this purpose
  • Notifying local first responders in case of major incidents

  • Determining the potential risk associated with facilities, installations, and businesses
  • Preparing fire safety rules
  • Fire prevention documents

  • Alarm sequences in case of fire alarm system activation
  • Transmitting alarm notifications for employees up to evacuating entire facilities
  • Client notification where temperatures exceed the maximum in motors, engines, or fresh block foams

  • Operation of plant fire brigades or provision of capable specialized personnel
  • Assignment of specially trained personnel (our employees have formal training and qualifications according to Firefighting Regulation (Feuerwehrdienstvorschrift) 2. The determination of qualification training course “F” for volunteers or “B” for professional firefighters is made either by a government agency (notice of acknowledgment) or the entire company’s risk assessment team). No need for time-consuming searches for qualified specialists
  • Regular training and continuing education for firefighting personnel through state firefighting schools
  • Details are clarified in contracts in advance for improved transparency regarding the possession of extinguishers, vehicles, and buildings
  • Maintenance of fire extinguishers, fire dampers, hoses, and lines within the buildings

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DIN EN 50518Alarm receiving center

We have an advanced alarm receiving center that meets the stringent standards of the DIN EN 50518 EU standard.

Security service by Dussmann

A full range of safety and security service

With Dussmann, you can always rest easy knowing you are safe and secure. That goes for more than just firefighting and fire safety services. We offer a wealth of different security services, which we work with our customers to craft into customized personal solutions – from end-to-end documentation to services individually adjusted to your needs.