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“We care for more” is the promise our team makes each and every day in all our work for you. This single sentence expresses our passion and our drive to be more than just a simple building services provider. After all, we put people front and center in everything we do. It is for them that we aim to design living and working spaces that make everyday life richer and easier. That is true of the entire facility management segment and beyond and technical systems and equipment – in short, all living and working spaces in and around buildings.

How do we manage to do this? By being a part of a strong international service company – the Dussmann Group. In fact, we are its largest part: The Dussmann division accounts for nearly 80 % of the group’s sales. Want further details? Here are a few facts and figures: 

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We make people happy so they can be successful

Whether we are taking care of business sites or office buildings, large industrial facilities, hotels or institutions like schools and hospitals, one thing always holds true: If the people inside are happy, the business will do well, too. Of course, requirements vary, and they are often quite complex. That’s why we are committed to working alongside our customers as a longstanding, passionate partner with a focus on solutions. All these are good reasons that make us the right partner for you as well.

And here are even more:

  • We have a strong network of branches.  You can find us in almost all regions of the Czech Republic – so we’re always right near you.
  • We’re getting better every day. All of our projects and services are subject to a continuous testing and improvement process.
  • We know what we’re doing.If we didn’t, we couldn’t have grown from a small regional company into an international service enterprise in our nearly 60-year history.
  • We are responsible in our actions. In everything we do, we follow clear ethical principles and demonstrate social responsibility – toward employees, customers, and society at large.


Our divisions

We do a lot of things. And all of them well.

The range of services offered under the Dussmann brand is a diverse one. And at the same time, all of our employees are specialists in their specific areas. This brings a wealth of advantages, including for us ourselves. Thinking outside the box in our daily work gives us added flexibility and motivation and makes the corporate culture where we work a very special one.

But you, our customers, benefit even more in that you receive a uniquely broad-based service spectrum, all from a single source. At Dussmann, you can draw on a wealth of services in the following fields:

  • Cleaning service
  • Hotel service
  • Security
  • Office services
  • Garden and outdoor facilities